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Unique Hybrids, Heirloom strains and Landrace selection


NEWS FrOm 2018

We just finalized final testings and all looks more than perfect! Two new strains are released! Christiania Kush, blending of our mighty Afgani 00 pheno with legendary Master Kush and particulary Mazar-i-Sharif results in heavy duty indica crosses, with massive resinous flowers.

  Sour71, very fast growing polyhybrid super-suitable for the colder climates. Heavy yielder with two phenotypes , more recessive Lilla with the fruity purple flower and Rocketmand, short indica dominant plants with one main big kola surrounded few branches. Already in the store! 


Roots and direction

Christiania seedbank was established in Fristaden Christiania on the edge of 2016 and 2017. As we brought our old breeding stock into research, new strains and recombinations are coming with focus on terpene profile development in harshy enviroments. The main idea was to bring new and unique crosses to nowdays cannabis scene which are suitable for nordic weather and reveal old blends of cannabis. This is our passion, this is our world.

From Christiania, with love.


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Our WORk

We are focusing on stabilization and recombinations of oldschool hierloom and landrace strains, blend into unique crosses. As the Nordic weather is quite colder for proper outdoor cultivation, we are working on research and development of short flowering strains with high potency rates and autoflowering strains with high resistance to enviromental stress and pests issues.

 In our portfolio you can find six stabilized autoflowering strains and eight classic photoperiodic hybrids with whole subspecie gene range.

Our strains are grown and bred on fully organic feeding and enviromental conditions. Choosen are only healthy plants with desired traits to produce desired progeny. By this thorough selection which leads to the desired genom of crossbreeded plants which are stable and resistant with heavy outcome. New variations are in development so stay tuned!