Our Autoflowering strains

alpha_king auto.jpg

Alpha king

Genetic background - AK47 sativa pheno X Lowryder

Variety - Auto Sativa

Height - 70-150cm

Indoor - Harvest 75-90 days / 20-60 gpp*

Outdoor - Harvest 75-90 days / 20-90 gpp*

Alpha King is our sativa dominant ruderalis cross of famous AK47 selected phenotype and tricky fast Lowryder. Bigger plants, in outdoor environment grows up to 150cm with many „pop-corn“ buds covered with sticky droplets of resin and has nicely uplifting effects. Very suitable auto sativa plants with approximate harvest time about 80-90 days and mold resistant abilities allows easy outdoor crop even in colder climate zones.


J.Hustle auto

Genetic background - J.Hustle X Lowryder

Variety - Auto Hybrid

Height - 70-140cm

Indoor - Harvest 75-85 days / 20-70 gpp*

Outdoor - Harvest 75-85 days / 20-100 gpp*

J.Hustle auto is our „must be!“ version of our popular strain. Taller plants with longer internodes between branches and uplifting effects drags this strain more to auto sativa specie with shorter flowering period and dense flower typical for auto indica. Depends on the indica / sativa dominacy in each pheno growers get plants harvested after 75-85 days from seeds germination. Outdoor growers will experience purple colors in late blossom on some of the phenos. Earthy-citrus flavor.

Pushestreet no.1 auto.jpg

Pusherstreet no.1 auto

Genetic background - Pusherstreet no.1 X Lowryder

Variety - Auto Hybrid

Height - 60-130cm

Indoor - Harvest 75-85 days / 20-70 gpp*

Outdoor - Harvest 75-90 days / 20-90 gpp*

This is our auto variety of our versatile Pusherstreen no.1 plant. It is basically polyhybrid with very dominant indica traits as a smaller branchy plants, matures in size about 60-130cm and with heavy resinous fruits. The CBD levels are quite high so this auto strain can be considered to be used for medical purposes. Our „auto Pusher“ doing very well outside, and perfect results were approached with greenhouse / indoor cultivation. Loves extra source of potassium and phosphorus in the last phase of bloom.

Nord Lys auto.jpg


Genetic background - Northen Lights X Lowryder

Variety - Auto Indica

Height - 60-120cm

Indoor - Harvest 70-75 days / 20-70 gpp*

Outdoor - Harvest 70-75 days / 20-90 gpp*

Nord-Lys, the right selection of Nordics. Perfectly selected Northen Lights cultivar brought into autoflowering plant with high potency and yield performs planted outside. As the genetic background is very dominant indica X ruderalis, growers can expect compact plants in height between 60 and 120cm. Some phenos coming more branchy with longer internodes, another are smaller compact plants with shorter internodes but both are heavy duty for the shorter or colder summer. Doing very well against mold and fungal diseases. Our the fastest auto-variety.

SWeetREbel auto.jpg

Sweet Rebel

Genetic background - {Mazar F1 X Afghani 00 F1} X Lowryder

Variety - Auto Indica 

Height - 60-120cm

Indoor - Harvest about 75 days / 40-80 gpp*

Outdoor - Harvest about 75 days / 40-80 gpp*

Sweet Rebel is auto version of Dutch Passion's mazar crossed with our Afghani pheno 00 and after to fatherplant of oldschool Lowrider to obtain truly and powerfull indica plant with abilitity to mature in short time period.

It is very compact plant from its indica gene background and growers can expect 60-120cm tall branchy plants, with very resinous flowers to be ready after 75 days from seeds germination.

Very well suitable for indoor, but outdoor growers will be appreciated as well.


Sour71 (regular seeds)

Genetic background - {Sour Bubble X Master Kush} X {AK47 sativa pheno X Northen Lights} X Lowryder

Variety - Auto Hybrid

Height - 50-120cm

Indoor - Harvest about 71 days / 20-70 gpp*

Outdoor - Harvest about 71 days / 20-70 gpp*

Citrus & piny taste

In genome of this sofisticated polyhybrid we can find mesh of five prestige strains as a AK47, Northen Lights, Master Kush, Sour Bubble and Lowryder. The result is stabilized, ultra fast auto-flowering plant which showing two phenotypes, Rocketman with main very dense cola surrounded by only few side buds and the pheno we call Lilla produces a lot of dense purple buds covered with bright resin. Lilla pheno is taller and can complete in height of 120cm and same as Rocketman pheno will be done about 71 days. Lilla to Rocketman ratio 1:3