Our photoperiodical strains


Christiania Kush

Genetic background - Master Kush X {Mazar F1 X Afghani 00 F1}

Variety - Indica

Height - 120 – 150cm

Indoor - Ripen 65-70 days / 500-600gr/m2/0,6kW

Outdoor - Harvest September  - October / up to 500 gpp*

Harvest October - early November / up to 450 gpp*

This is our new 2018 strain blended from three powerful indicas, Afghani 00, Mazar and Master Kush. Very heavy and resinous buds on the generally shorter plants, very suitable for indoor cultivation. Real old blend west coast Kush with its typical aroma. Short flowering, big stress resistance and density of the flowers are creating this strain as a superior indica in our portfolio.



Genetic background - Skunk #1 X Afghani 00 F1

Variety - Indica

Height - 100 – 150cm

Indoor - Ripen 48-55 days / 600 – 750 gr/m2/0,6kW

Outdoor - Harvest September  - October / up to 500 gpp*

Our superior indica bred from our two mighty gene pools, Afghani pheno 00 and Skunk#1 selected plant with short flower period. The result is extra-fast blooming heavy duty plants reaching up to 150cm height growed outdoor with potencional yield of 500g per plant and harvest time between september and october in northen latitudes. Indoor cultivation expecting big and dense blossom in length of 48-55 days and yield up to 800g per square meter under 600W HPS.

J. Hustle.jpg


Genetic background - {Northen Lights X Shiva Skunk} X Haze

Variety - Sativa / Indica

Height - Up to 180cm outdoor

Indoor - Ripen  60-65 days / 450-600 gr/m2/0,6kW

Outdoor - Harvest late September – late October / up to 450 gpp*

J Hustle is our advanced cross of Northen Lights and Shiva Skunk with oldschool Haze. It is nice balanced hybrid with the effects of sativian Haze and grow abilities of Northen Lights with a little touch of Shiva Skunk power. Outdoor plants grows up to 180cm and finishing bloom late september until late october, which depends on sativa haze ration in each phenotype. Under artificial light growers will be able to harvest after 60 to 65 days.

Pusherstreet no.1.jpg

Pusherstreer no.1

Genetic background - Brazil Sativa IBL X Afghani 00 F1

Variety - Sativa / Indica+

Height - 120 – 160cm outdoor 

Indoor - Ripen 56-65 days / 550-700 gr/m2/0,6kW

Outdoor - Harvest October / up to 500 gpp*

Here we have mighty hybrid of our unique Afghani 00 and unknown brazilian sativa+ landrace. The result is called Pusherstreet no.1 and is our also our number one for the begginers but also for advanced growers. Really easy to grow plants which reachs about 120-160cm height outside, or greenhouse can reach maturity after 56-65 days of blossom. Very suitable for indoor grows with scrog method in any growing medium. Really easy plant to handle with superior production.

Jazz Plant.jpg

Jazz - Plant

Genetic background - African Sativa IBL

Variety - Sativa

Height - Up to  3m outdoor

Indoor - Ripen 65-75 days / 450-550 gr/m2/0,6kW

Outdoor - Harvest October - early November / up to 700 gpp*

Long way thru selection of the right parents from our „african landrace pool“ let the Jazz Plant to be bred. By morphology and effects it is pure sativa, but we picked up the short flowering parents to be able customize plant to colder climate with shorter summers. Outside grows up to 3 meters tall with huge cluster of branches and producing sticky flowers with earthy flavor when smoked providing uplifting „high“.



Genetic background - African Sativa IBL X Afghani 00 F1

Variety - Sativa+ / Indica

Height - 120 – 200cm outdoor

Indoor - Ripen 58-65 days / 450 – 600 gr/m2/0,6kW

Outdoor - Harvest October / up to 450 gpp*

Baba-G is sativa dominant cross of our powerfull Afghani pheno 00 and unknown african landrace with target to obtain compact sativa dominant hybrid with short flowering time and dense heavy flowers. Baba-G can grow into two phenotypes. Growers can expect quite taller „Christmas tree shaped“ plants between 150-200cm with longer internodes and a bit smaller but robuse plants, both with flowering time about 60 days. Outdoor harvest expected in october in northen latitudes.