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Genetic background - African Sativa IBL X Afghani 00 F1

Variety - Sativa+ / Indica

Height - 120 – 200cm outdoor

Indoor - Ripen 58-65 days / 450 – 600 gr/m2/0,6kW

Outdoor - Harvest October / up to 450 gpp*

Baba-G is sativa dominant cross of our powerfull Afghani pheno 00 and unknown african landrace with target to obtain compact sativa dominant hybrid with short flowering time and dense heavy flowers. Baba-G can grow into two phenotypes. Growers can expect quite taller „Christmas tree shaped“ plants between 150-200cm with longer internodes and a bit smaller but robuse plants, both with flowering time about 60 days. Outdoor harvest expected in october in northen latitudes.

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