Chimtal (Balkh province)

Chimtal (Balkh province)

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Chimtal is located at the west of Balkh province, and a highly regarded place for Agriculture, since it's situated between the mountainous terrains and the sholgar river. The river provides abundance of minerals and valuable water for irrigation, which ends the dependency for water through melting snowcaps, that cascades down into the valley every year. Chimtal receives the hot summer - mediterranean weather, while the surrounding mountain tops during winter gets covered in snow, the valleys remain very cold with occasional subzero Nights.

Cannabis is a very important cash crop for farmers in this district, as they produce a very consistent/high grade hashish which has a distinct foul/skunky flavour with earthy notes that compliments a narcotic stoney High. There isn't much of wild/unfarmed plant varieties
to be found in this district since the land has been judiciously used for systematic farming in the wake of abundant supply of water. And that in turn gives way for collecting Afghani inbred Heirlooms, which have been maintained by Native farmer families over the generations. In simpler words These Farmed/maintained varieties provides us a remarkable insight into the sought after genepool by the natives of afghanistan themes

Plants grow with subtle to negligible intra-population variations In Qualitative traits. And thus produces a consistent
End-product for the chillum house shelves, where hashish lovers can recognize it with one good whiff.


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