Pusherstreet no. 1

Pusherstreet no. 1

from 9.00

Genetic background - Brazil Sativa IBL X Afghani 00 F1

Variety - Sativa / Indica+

Height - 120 – 160cm outdoor 

Indoor - Ripen 56-65 days / 550-700 gr/m2/0,6kW

Outdoor - Harvest October / up to 500 gpp*

Here we have mighty hybrid of our unique Afghani 00 and unknown brazilian sativa+ landrace. The result is called Pusherstreet no.1 and is our also our number one for the begginers but also for advanced growers. Really easy to grow plants which reachs about 120-160cm height outside, or greenhouse can reach maturity after 56-65 days of blossom. Very suitable for indoor grows with scrog method in any growing medium. Really easy plant to handle with superior production.

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