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Genetic background - Skunk #1 X Afghani 00 F1

Variety - Indica

Height - 100 – 150cm

Indoor - Ripen 48-55 days / 600 – 750 gr/m2/0,6kW

Outdoor - Harvest September  - October / up to 500 gpp*

Our superior indica bred from our two mighty gene pools, Afghani pheno 00 and Skunk#1 selected plant with short flower period. The result is extra-fast blooming heavy duty plants reaching up to 150cm height growed outdoor with potencional yield of 500g per plant and harvest time between september and october in northen latitudes. Indoor cultivation expecting big and dense blossom in length of 48-55 days and yield up to 800g per square meter under 600W HPS.

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